Reimax Group expanded their operation by buying Arr-Systems Oy

Reimax strengthened the company by purchasing Arr-Systems, a producer of automation cabinets, electric distribution switchgear and wiring harnesses, located in Oulu, Finland. With the purchase Reimax Group strengthens its service capabilities in wiring harnesses and automation cabinet manufacturing. The sale, which includes all shares, was finalized on December 14, 2020.

Reimax has now three factories in Finland and subsidiary Reimax Electronics Oü in Estonia. The factories are located in Nurmijärvi, Salo and Oulu in Finland and Tallinn in Estonia.

“Arr-Systems will give us better accessibility on the automation cabinets and wiring harnesses and they bring with them long-term know-how and additional production capability. Versatility is one of the strengths of Reimax and Arr-Systems supplements us perfectly” remarks Reijo Laine, Managing Director of Reimax.

The acquisition upholds the Reimax business plan of growing, strengthening and offering versatile and adaptable products to current and new customers. The acquisition improves Reimax’s competitiveness and in the future, it will be better equipped to serve customers who are concentrated on assembly.

“Arr-Systems has been a lifelong journey for me. As the owner of the company I’ve gotten the joy to work with great people and serve the customers, who have trusted us. I believe and trust that Arr-Systems will continue to be well owned by Reimax Electronics in the future. Reijo Mertala, CEO of Arr-Systems Oy, says.