Harnesses, spirals and cables

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Our harness production is flexible and modern. The automatic lead maker equipment featuring marking devices allows for automatic production of harnesses in the 0.09–6.00 mm² range. Our semi-automatic machines allows connecting wires with diameters of up to 240 mm². Our automatic production is also supported by various types of presses as well as cutting and stripping machines. All harness series produced by us are pre-tested electrically at the production stage.

Equipment cables

We also manufacture equipment cables and we are able to process cables up to 50mm outer diameter. We process cables from different materials and cable doesn’t need to be round. Our machinery enables also mechanical handling for coaxial cables.

Spiral cables

Spiral cable is especially suitable solution for moving machines and equipment’s since 1 meter of spiral cable contains up to 5 to 7 meters of uncoiled cable. Spiral cable does not get stuck and is therefore more user-friendly and increases safety.

We produce spiral cables for required diameters and lengths. The used material of outer jacket is either PUR or special PVC. Also equipment cables such as M12 sensor cable can be used in spiral cables.

The cable choice is affected by the working conditions of the end product. Robust PUR is equipped with high recoiling forces and high resistance to extreme temperatures and conditions as well as to oil and chemicals. PUR cables have a wide temperature range for applications in harsh climatic environments, depending on cable, from +90°C to -50°C. In addition PUR-cable has a good resistance of the outer sheath to cutting and abrasion and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Special PVC is cost efficient solution for indoor use with the convenience and safety of spiral cable.

Spiral cable is perfect choice for example in construction industry and medical equipment’s as well as in shipyards and freight handling. Spirals can be used for example in factories and facilities, in-store cooling equipment’s, powered doors and charging cables.


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