CASE 1: State-of-the-art technology in film industry

CHALLENGE: In film industry lighting equipment are assembled and disassembled all the time. Schedules are tight and pre-agreed, while unreliable weather conditions cause unnecessary expenses. The industry uses a number of different solutions for creating artificially various weather phenomena. Our customer has developed a high-tech LED illumination system, which can be used to control weather phenomena across the entire spectrum. The customer has connected several different pieces of equipment into a single product, and needs for it a compact, straightforward, and portable solution.

SOLUTION: The customer needed the cables to be in order and a special design for all cable joints. We participated in the development of the cabling, and produced for the customer both the cabling as well as the moulding of the cable joints according to the customer’s own design. Reimax offered the customer a solution of obtaining everything they needed in a cost-efficient manner as one-stop service, all the way from the designing of moulds and prototypes to the finished cabling.

RESULT: The customer’s illumination solution is used globally in creating lighting for major cinematic projects. By using the product developed by our customer the film industry can enjoy considerable savings in costs. Due to the professionally produced cabling the product is easy to use and compact in size.


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