Spiral cable is the best choice for moving applications and objects. We provide high-quality and durable spiral cables from many different colors and for different conditions. Let us find the best possible solution for You.

Tailored solutions, starting from the design phase

We serve our customers from the design phase all the way to the assembly and testing stages

We respect the needs of our customers

The customer needed a robust and weatherproof solution. In addition to several cabling, we developed one IP65-type extension socket.

Partnership is the key to success

Partnership is based on common goals and thrust. At its best, the resources of parties complement each other and genuine added value for both parties can be created.

Unique combination of skills in electronics and mechanics

Armed with decades of experience, Reimax Electronics Oy offers tailored solutions in electronics and mechanics, as well as injection moulding technology to cater for the needs of various industries. Owing to our extensive know-how we are a unique company in our field, because we are capable of offering customers everything they need in a flexible manner – all the way from designing up to the final assembly.

Our constantly improving production practices, and the high level of quality we offer, make us a valued partner for our customer. By contributing into quality and taking care of our environment, we will continue to be a reliable and dependable option for years to come. Please tell us about your “electronic” challenges, and let us solve them for you.


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Reimax Electronics OÜ will implement a program “Digital turnaround program in Reimax Electronics OÜ” during the period 01.01.2023- 30.06.2024 as a part of support program for the digital transformation of companies.

The goal of the project is to launch a digitalization and automation program in the company, which would create the prerequisites for complete digitalization and automation of the company in the future and thereby increase production volumes, improve the efficiency, information flow and quality of the supply chain and carry out systematic development activities.

The total cost of the project is 768,000 euros, of which up to 300,000 euros will be covered by the NextGenerationEU funds of the European Union recovery fund.




Reimax is participating in the Pohjoinen Teollisuus – Northern Industry event held in Oulu on May 22-23, 2024. The event is the largest industrial event in northern Finland and is aimed at all professionals in northern Finnish industry. Professionals from the mining and other heavy industries, the steel and forestry industries as well as the…

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Reimax’s Tallinn factories have moved under the same roof during January 2024. The new premises, located in the Allika industrial area, right on the border of Tallinn at Angerja tee 59, are designed to meet the requirements of today’s industry. The facilities completed at the end of 2023 are 6,000 m² in size and offer…

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