CHALLENGE: Product development projects can be long and customers might not always have enough resources to be involved into these projects. When customer operates outside company’s own core business, the time spent to specify the components and production methods can easily be multiplied in comparison when it is done by professional in this field. Usually this results technically and economically unreasonable solutions. The chosen components can be technically sufficient but often poor in availability.  The production method is also generally incorrectly selected because of the lack in knowledge. This leads to high costs and extended delivery time.

SOLUTION: Project was executed as a common Early Supplier Involvement i.e. ESI-project, where Reimax participated customers project right from the beginning of the product development. By combining both parties expertise time and money consuming material and work choices could be avoided.

RESULT: ESI-project released customers’ resources to its own core business. A remarkable time savings in prototyping was encountered because component availability did not induce any difficulties. Reimax has a wide expertise and experience in various different components, materials and work techniques, so by choosing optimal materials in conception and design stages, future problems in availability can be avoided and costs can be reduced. Reimax provided completed drawings on customers’ layout as well as bill of materials, component datasheets and cable prototypes. As a result the customer had a comprehensive documentation and finished products.

By investing in choosing the right kind of materials and production methods in the beginning of products life cycle a significant savings can be gained in the future.

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