CASE 2: Products for extreme conditions

CHALLENGE: Cables used by this demanding customer are exposed to extreme stresses. Products need to be resistant to moisture, mechanical stress, extreme temperature fluctuations, and moreover, the customer needs the solutions to be compact, easy and quick to use. The equipment must function in any conditions and withstand even intensive use. The customer was using a number of different solutions, which complicated operations and reduced reliability of products, and the objective as to improve durability as well.

SOLUTION: We accepted the challenge and offered the customer a robust weather-resistant solution. To complement the multitude of traditional cabling of Class IP44, we developed one extension plug box of class IP65. By employing Reimax’s long-term experience in weather-resistant solutions the customer was produced a tailored reliable and simple integrated product.

RESULT: We provided our customer in a cost-efficient manner a product, which is capable of withstanding extreme conditions that has proved to be reliable and of high-quality in practice. The possibility of removing unnecessary cabling by using the extension plug box developed by us facilitated the customer’s operations. Today we have delivered the customer thousands of class IP65 products.


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