With the LED light strip, the installation of temporary or fixed lighting is easy, fast and simple. Reimax’s plug & play LED light strip can be connected directly and packed in a portable reel drum, which allows easy handling and storage. The coil is sturdy and designed to last in professional use. If necessary, the light strip can also be removed from the coil. The connection of the LEDs ensures the continuity of the light output of the light strip, even if one LED goes out or breaks down.
The light strip is dimmamble and it can be attached for example with mounting brackets sold separately. Reimax’s IP65-class light strip is suitable for e.g. construction sites, corridors, storage rooms, elevator shafts and even outdoor areas next to fences, buildings or passageways, under eaves or on terraces. The light strips can be chained, giving a maximum length of 50 meters. For more information, see our product catalog or contact us +358 (0) 207 120 684 /