The sales office of Reimax Kempele has moved to a new location. Reimax Kempele’s new address is Rakentajantie 3, 90940 Jääli.

We kindly ask you to send invoices for Reimax Kempele primarily in electronical form. Paper invoices and other mail is sent to the address stated before. Delivery of goods are still sent to our Klaukkala location.


With the LED light strip, the installation of temporary or fixed lighting is easy, fast and simple. Reimax’s plug & play LED light strip can be connected directly and packed in a portable reel drum, which allows easy handling and storage. The coil is sturdy and designed to last in professional use. If necessary, the light strip can also be removed from the coil. The connection of the LEDs ensures the continuity of the light output of the light strip, even if one LED goes out or breaks down.
The light strip is dimmamble and it can be attached for example with mounting brackets sold separately. Reimax’s IP65-class light strip is suitable for e.g. construction sites, corridors, storage rooms, elevator shafts and even outdoor areas next to fences, buildings or passageways, under eaves or on terraces. The light strips can be chained, giving a maximum length of 50 meters. For more information, see our product catalog or contact us +358 (0) 207 120 684 / thomas.ohlstrom@reimax.net.

Building our sales team


Our sales strengthened in March 2021, when Aare Kaljurand started as a Sales Manager at Reimax’s Tallinn office. Kaljurand has strong experience in the field of electronics and mechanics, and his responsibilities include, in particular, customer relationships in Estonia and the rest of the Baltic countries, as well as new customer acquisition.

Contact +372 511 6837 /aare.kaljurand@reimax.net

Ice free entrances and passages with Reimax heating mats


Reimax heating mats are rubber mats with integrated heat cables to keep your stairs, passages and entrances ice free. Freeze free mats secure a passage into your home, cabin, ice swimming or anywhere else you may want a safe, ice free, passage. These heating mats are great aids for the handicapped, the elderly or anyone else with mobility limitations, however they are exceptional for all who want an ice-free entrance/route.

The mats can be connected to each other, even different sizes, to create a set. This allows you to create the exact fit for your needs. All mats are FIMKO approved.

More detailed heating mat information from our sales team +358 (0) 207 120 684 / thomas.ohlstrom@reimax.net

Reimax Group expanded their operation by buying Arr-Systems Oy


Reimax strengthened the company by purchasing Arr-Systems, a producer of automation cabinets, electric distribution switchgear and wiring harnesses, located in Oulu, Finland. With the purchase Reimax Group strengthens its service capabilities in wiring harnesses and automation cabinet manufacturing. The sale, which includes all shares, was finalized on December 14, 2020.

Reimax has now three factories in Finland and subsidiary Reimax Electronics Oü in Estonia. The factories are located in Nurmijärvi, Salo and Oulu in Finland and Tallinn in Estonia.

“Arr-Systems will give us better accessibility on the automation cabinets and wiring harnesses and they bring with them long-term know-how and additional production capability. Versatility is one of the strengths of Reimax and Arr-Systems supplements us perfectly” remarks Reijo Laine, Managing Director of Reimax.

The acquisition upholds the Reimax business plan of growing, strengthening and offering versatile and adaptable products to current and new customers. The acquisition improves Reimax’s competitiveness and in the future, it will be better equipped to serve customers who are concentrated on assembly.

“Arr-Systems has been a lifelong journey for me. As the owner of the company I’ve gotten the joy to work with great people and serve the customers, who have trusted us. I believe and trust that Arr-Systems will continue to be well owned by Reimax Electronics in the future. Reijo Mertala, CEO of Arr-Systems Oy, says.

Alihankinta 2020 virtual event on 8-10th December


The Alihankinta subcontracting fair will be held virtually this year on 8-10th December. Reimax is also present at this fair which consist of live programs and online meetings. Attend the fair yourself and make an appointment with our team, who will be happy to tell you what solutions we have to offer for you.

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Spiral cables compatible with Winsta connector system


Reimax’s retail product family is complemented by socket-spiral cables suitable for the Winsta connector system. They are designed for efficient power distribution in stores and offices. The spiral can be used for many applications and purposes, and when hung from the ceiling, the spiral does not get in the way, thus significantly increasing comfort and safety.

There is a choice of PUR or PVC cable with several different socket options. Cable selection is affected by operating conditions. Sturdy PUR withstands harsh conditions and is oil and chemical resistant. In addition, the PUR cables are cut resistant and can handle high mechanical wear.

Special PVC, on the other hand, is a cost-effective solution for interiors where the comfort and safety provided by the spiral is needed. The cable colors are black and orange with the PUR sheath and white with the PVC sheath.

New Purchasing Assistant


Nora E. Thomas has joined Reimax Group on January 7th, 2020 as Purchasing Assistant in our Klaukkala office. Thomas’s responsibilities include accounts payable related tasks. Thomas has previously been working in banking industry in United States.

Reimax Kempele moved to a new location


The sales office of Reimax Kempele has moved to a new location. Reimax Kempele’s new address is Voimatie 1 B 2, 90440 Kempele.

We kindly ask you to send invoices for Reimax Kempele primarily in electronical form. Paper invoices and other mail is sent to the address stated before. Delivery of goods are still sent to our Klaukkala location.

Reimax ställer ut på ELMIA SUBCONTRACTOR 12–15 November 2019


Elmia Subcontractor är norra Europas ledande mässa för den tillverkande industrins leverantörer och deras kunder. Med 1200 utställare från runt 30 länder skapas helt unika förutsättningar för utveckling och lönsamma affärer.

Besök oss gärna i vår monter B08:67.


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