CASE 1: Construction industry – Concrete humidity sensor

CHALLENGE: Measurement of moisture content in concrete before surface coating is expensive and quite work intensive. The customer needed a reliable remote moisture meter. With the one that was used the employee had to drill several holes in the cast concrete, and to measure the moisture content of cast concrete a number of times. It was time consuming and caused considerable expenses, while in the worst case caused delays in the project.

We took notice of the needs of the customer, and based on them we developed a completely new cloud solution. In cooperation with the customer we devised a remote-reading sensors that are in the reliability and precision level required by the customer. Data measured by the sensor is relayed using the cloud service to the desired address, and the measurement result can be monitored in real time.

RESULT: The customer enjoyed significant economy in terms of cost and time spent on measurement of humidity; the work load was reduced, while the reliable and easy-to- use sensor improved the overall work result. The end user is now able to monitor the progress of a construction project more carefully and to plan more easily for the subsequent phases of the project. The solution in question is a significant contributor into quality in the construction industry.


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